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Lino Laure a Hawai’i Artist

Lino is a Hawaiʻi-based visual artist and has been a painter for over two decades. He is a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in Liberal Arts and a minor in Education. This beautiful art is inspired by Hawaiian landscapes and botanicalsHe teaches painting and drawing to adults and children. In years past, he has lived and maintained an art studio practice in Kailua-Kona, Tucson and San Francisco. He currently resides in the Puna district of The Big Island.

Lino has a passion for creating abstract and representational art, often combining the two in his signature abstract-botanical series. He paints primarily in oils. His colors range from subtle to bold, yet keeping in perspective that composition is central to a finished piece. Lino is inspired foremost by nature, particularly Hawaiian landscapes, botanicals, seascapes and ocean life.

Lino Laure’s is one of many Hawai’i artists at

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