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Simply Richell: Simply Mesmerizing Art

I have lived on the Big Island with my husband for 17 years.  I am retired now but still spend my time as a substitute teacher and as a volunteer for our soldiers at our local USO facility.
I have been creative all of my life which led me to get a Minor in Art from SDSU. Now, in my spare time, I love to paint. I have developed a new art passion in the form of watercolor.  Three years ago I wanted to give my circle of friends a Christmas gift and settled on a painting for each.  Who knew they would love them so?  That fueled my passion to create more and more.
Three years later I have quite the collection and I am now ready to share it with you here on and 
Yes, as you will see, I also like to dabble in the fine art of Resin and acrylic pouring. I hope you will enjoy my art as much as I have had to create it.Simply Richell art
I would also like to invite you to drop me a line to share your thoughts on it with me as often as you like. .

Richell Herman


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