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ZsoltiMa: New artist on HawaiiKineMarket.com

ZsoltiMa is new to HawaiiKineMarket.com If you haven’t seen his work, head on over and check it out!  We guarantee you have never seen anything like it!
Hawaii Island DogsZsoltiMa was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1972. At the age of 4 he was recognized as an art talent making accurate renditions of Winnie the Poo. This recognition allowed him to benefit from the art programs in the Hungarian Buda Kings Castle for the gifted.

In 1983 he transitioned to the United States of America where he continued his journey as an artist and received his degree in Fine Art / Design from the California State University of Los Angeles in 1995. From then, ZsoltiMa has dedicated his life to developing his style doing visual media, print making (etching) and drawing.

Seeking to be close to his beloved, the ocean, he moved to the Big Island of Hawaii where he is now rooted. Being in Hawaii has been the key to further deepen his connection with not only the ocean, but also with the ʻaina (land), community, his artistic purpose, and self.Whale art - grandfather of the ocean

After a profound awakening in 2009 due to many close-to-death incidents and the living presence of a realized / awakened master, Sri Prem Baba, ZsoltiMa’s artwork has evolved and become his central focus. The evolution of his journey has defined his work as gleeful, detailed, real, and surreal combining the mythical, theological, and natural subjects to ultimately bring the focus to the “Great Spirit” in all forms. ZsoltiMa’s artwork has been described as “healing” or “activating and supporting” to the heart and minds of many.

“Thank you for supporting the One World Soul which expresses itself through all art forms. May peace and joy of the Pink Hummingbird be with you. Mahalo and Aloha.” 


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