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Mana Mandala Studio

Mana Mandala Studio
Aloha!  My name is Damon Delaney.
I have been an artist all my life. I started with paintings and drawings at a very young age and by showing my parents, gained approval and confidence which urged me forward.
Later on I discovered and excelled at decorative finishes. This has opened the door for me to bring a more extensive approach to my paintings and other design offerings.
Throughout the years meditation, vision and endless creative possibilities have brought me much joy.  From decorative finishes, stained concrete and art. The creative process is never ending. My intention is to Inspire and Motivate through the visionary art that sings to you.  I am very eclectic and like to move around as far as subject matter.  From Asian and Buddhist influences; to the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and the magic they ensue.
Art is emotional on both ends.. the creator and the client.  Whether it’s it’s a piece already created that sings to you, or a commissioned painting or drawing that’s been on your mind.  It is very important to me to offer pieces that are purposeful,  Reiki infused, created from the heart and soul especially for you.
Please contact me  at 808-364-8131 for the commissioned piece you want for your home or gallery.
Giclée prints and other products are available on our online store at 

Please enjoy your shopping experience!

You can contact Damon at

Mana mandala studio


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