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About Us

Aloha and Welcome!

Thank you for your interest in our site!

So we can get to know each other better we will start with our story.

HawaiiKineMarket.com a sales outlet for Hawai’i Island artists and craftspeople. It’s where people from all over the world can shop for, locally made art & crafts, food, services and many items created with artists designs.

Also, we are working towards a place where non-profit organizations can sell products, get donations and collect money for classes and events.

We celebrate the passion, vision, and dedication of artists, artisans, craftspeople and not-for-profit organizations around the island and want to see them thrive!

We provide the framework for businesses to effectively market and sell products online at a fraction of the cost of other methods.

We are committed to helping our vendors SUCCEED!

We are looking for a few more Big Island Hawai’i artists and crafts people to join our community.

If you think you’re a fit, please introduce yourself!   Either fill out the form below or give us a call at 808-747-2829

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