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Great Product Photos

Here are some tips to help you get some great product photos for your online store

Get to know your camera (or smartphone)

Even if you have had your device for a while you may not know all of its functions.

A tripod is a good idea

Even the steadiest of hands can’t compare with a camera that is mounted on a steady tripod.

Shoot outside or near a window.

Natural lighting will give you truer colors.  Always position your product so the light comes from the side, never front or back.

Light Box

If you are shooting jewelry or items with a reflective surface it is best to diffuse the light.  If you don’t have a light box you can rig lights behind sheets of white cloth or paper.

Shoot at the same angle as item

If your lens is at an angle to what you are shooting you will get some distortion.  This is very noticeable when shooting paintings or prints.  This is where a tripod really helps.

Show all variations of your product

When buying online, customers want to look at as many photos as they can so that they know they’re going to be happy with their purchase. As such, it helps to show all product variations in your product photos.

Show the product in use

Before you take your product photos, think about how you see your customers using your product.   For instance if you sell glicees or prints photograph them framed hanging on a wall with great lighting

Photograph at multiple angles

In a store customers would have the chance to see your product from different sides.  Try to reproduce that experience by turning your products to different angles or walking around it to shoot.If you want to give it a try there are apps that will let you take 360 degree photos.

Show people interacting with your product

Studies have showed the people connect more with media that features real people. When you feature people in your product photos, it speaks to your ideal customers. They can recognize themselves in the photo and imagine themselves using or wearing your product.

Show your personality

When customers identify with the personality of your brand, it strengthens your relationship and can encourage a sense of loyalty in them.
Consider your brand’s personality, and how you can portray that in your product photos.